8 Best Educational Apps To Learn Something New Everyday

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If you have dedication to learn, you can get yourself a college-grade Education without spending a penny and that too on your Android smartphone. Well, with this video I bring you the 8 Best Educational Apps To Learn Something New Everyday.

Number 1. Coursera.
- 1000+ Courses
- Download the courses for offline
- Awarded with a certificate

Number 2. Curiosity.
- Learn New Things Everyday.
- Short Articles
- 100% Free

Number 3. Khan Academy.
- Simple and attractive.
- 10,000 educational videos
- Set a bookmark of the topic.

Number 4. TED.
- Counseling videos
- Interesting Talks
- Stay motivated

Number 5. Duolingo.
- 20 languages for native English speakers
- Comprehensive methods to teach languages
- Tracks your daily performance

Number 6. SoloLearn
- Teaching various programming languages
- Peer to peer interaction
- Available for free

Number 7. Photomath.

- Solve All the Equations Easily.
- Scan Your Handwritten Equations.
- Its free With in-app Purchase.

Number 8. YouTube.
- Best Edu App
- Top Educational Institues Videos Available.
- Save videos for Offline.
- Its Free

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